Chris Judd, 3nd Dan JKA

Helen Ling, 2nd Dan JKA

Helen began her karate training in 1986 with the JKA karate club at Binghamton University under the late Sensei Fred Ianucci. After moving to Albany in 1988 to pursue graduate school and despite the fact that she has taken three long maternity leaves she has actively trained under the direction of Sensei Luft for more than 10+ years. Even during her absence she has tirelessly nurtured her son in Shotokan karate for about 10 years and he was a 3-time AAU karate national junior champion.

" I consider Karate to be my way of life, it has not always been easy trying to find time to train but I will never regret coming back to train under Sensei Luft at a “tender” age of 43."

Wesley Willpughby, 2nd Dan JKA

Delma L. Philips, 1st Dan JKA

January 2001- Began JKA Shotokan Karate training in Albany NY with Sensei Douglas Luft and Carlos Medina

July 2005 - Earned rank of Shodan (First Level Black Belt, 7/24/2005)

September 2005 - Began Hakko Ryu Jujitsu training with Shihan Pedro Perez

April 2006 - Attended Japan Karate Association International Training Camp in Tokyo, Japan

May 2013 - Earned rank of Shodan (First Level Black Belt) in Hakko Ryu Jujitsu

Spring 2013 - Became assistant instructor for karate classes at the Albany YMCA, with Sensei Pedro Perez. Recently hired as Martial Arts Instructor at the Capital District YMCA

Spring 2014 - Created and lead a 6 week Women’s Self Defense Course at the Albany YMCA

August 2014 - Lead a 6 week Women’s Self Defense training course in Lansingburgh, NY

Spring 2015 - Lead a 4 hour mini Self Defense workshop for youth traveling to Europe

January 2016 - Lead a 6 week Women’s Self Defense training course at the Guilderland YMCA

Throughout the years Delma attended training camps and seminars in Albany, NY; New Haven, CT and various other locations in CT; NYC, NY; Burlington, VT; Alfred NY, Blooming Grove, NY; Long Island NY, and Montreal, Canada.

Richard Hillicoss, 1st Dan JKA

Christopher McClure, 1st Dan JKA

Joesph Cea, 1st Kyu JKA

McClure, 7th Kyu JKA